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Mantra Yoga

It gives instructions in the knowledge of mantra, it results in the fusion of mental and physical energy with the cosmic energy that reflects certain aspect of the Divine and makes the practitioner ready for state of Samadhi.
Mantra is a completely set of the words from the Vedas attributed to the deities or devas. There are so many evidences regarding this contexts in Harappa and Indus civilization. Mantras are used in rituals, whispered or chanted in different combinations and contexts, setting up patterns of vibrations. One must learn to pronounce them properly for its good and positive effects. It plays a very important role to awake the Kundalini energy. There are certain alphabets (mantras) for each Chakra. Yoga postures are also very important for practicing mantra i.e. Sidha Asana, Padama Asana etc. The practitioner can practice with opened eyes or half-opened or closed eyes while sitting on a woolen blanket.
Mantras can be performed in three ways-
  • Verbal, by speaking loudly
  • Whispering
  • Mental