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Palmistry is the study of the lines and signs of the hands. It is an ancient art and science. Centuries ago, the sages or saints of India established a system of knowledge stemming from the Vedas (The earliest sacred Hindu scriptures). They studied the hands as a means to unveil and understand the self and relationship with others. They saw that the unique patterns of lines and signs in the hand come into being as a direct result of the way we think. Looking at your hand you can thus have an objective view of who am I really !!!
Through the study of palmistry, we have the opportunity to see to what extent our thoughts and feelings influence our happiness and the harmony of those around us. We can understand ourselves better and realize our strengths and weaknesses. The map in the hand shows us possible obstacles and impediments to our progress, which we can either avoid or transform. It also shows us the talents we can take forward with total confidence. With this beautiful wisdom we can watch our self, which is the base of our Divine Journey.