Siddhasana (Poise Pose)

1. Siddhasana (Poise Pose)
Sit on a comfort place (woollen blanket) on the floor.
- Press firmly the heel of the left foot against the perineum and the right heel above the genitals. Press the chin tightly on the chest or throat-pit.
-Sit calmly, restraining the senses. Gaze steadily on the space in between eyebrows. Contract the Apana Vayu upward.
-This Siddhasana is called the opener of the door of liberation. Some yogis call it Vajrasana, some Muktasana and some Guptasana.
This sitting posture destroys the impurities of 72864 Nadis (tubular ducts) spread all over the body and mind. Siddhasana has its important place among 8 and ½ million postures. It is said by higher yogis that other postures are of no use, when success has been achieved in Siddhasana. Unmoni state (state of enlightenment) is acquired after having calmed down the Prana Vayu (vital energy) and restrained Kevala Kamchatka (equal retention). It strengthens the buttock region, circulates ample blood to hips and stomach region; it tones up the sacral regions of spine.