Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
Lie on the floor, face downwards. Extend the legs, keeping the feet together with tight knees and toes pointing.
-Rest the palms by the side of the navel region.
-Inhale, pressing the palms firmly on the floor raise the trunk only up to the navel, maintaining the elbows bent with least pressure exerting on the hands. Take 2-3 breaths lengthening retention again and again.
-Contract the anus and the buttocks, tighten the thighs.
-Maintain the pose for about 20 seconds, again and again breathing in and maintaing inner retention.
-Exhale, rest the trunk on the floor exerting pressure on waist (not on the hands). Repeat this pose two or three times.
Pelvic region.
This posture is the panacea for an injured spine and adjust minor displacement of the vertebrae and spinal discs. It tones up the deep muscles supporting the spinal column in its original position. It promotes spinal circulation; provides relief from flatulence and abdominal adhesions. The chest is fully expanded. It is the last medicine of slip discs and spine pain.