Shalbhasana (Half and Full Mosquito pose)

Shalbhasana (Half and Full Mosquito pose)
Lie on the floor on the stomach, face downwards. Stretch the arms keeping by the side.
-Exhale; lift the head, chest and one leg off the floor as high as possible to the point where the pelvic does not tilt sideward. Do this exercise separately one by one leg.
-The hands should not be placed and the ribs should not rest on the floor. Only the abdominal front portion of the body rests on the floor and bears the weight of the body.
-Contract the buttocks and stretch the thigh muscles.
-If shalbhasana is done, keep both legs fully extended and straight, touching at the thighs, knees and ankles.
-Do not bear the weight of the body on the hands but stretch them back to exercise the upper portion of the back muscles.
-Stay in the position as long as you can with normal breathing or breathing ratio.
-In the beginning it is difficult to lift the chest and the legs off the floor, but this becomes easier as the abdominal muscles grow stronger.
Aids digestion and relieves gastric troubles and flatulence. It strengthens the leg muscles; exercises the pelvic region; tones up the dorsal muscles and benefits in lumbago and rheumatic pains in hips, reduces fatness from hips, waist and abdomen and irregular menstruations in case of women. The persons suffering from slipped discs have obtained relief by the regular practice of this posture.