Talasana (Palm tree pose) or Yastikasana

Talasana (Palm tree pose) or Yastikasana
Talasana is done in standing position and Yastikasana is lying down on back on the floor.
-Stand erect with the feet together, the heels and big toes touching each other. Keep the head, spine and the body in right straight position, stretching all the toes flat on the floor.
-Tighten the knees and pull the knees caps up, contract the hips and pull up the muscles
at the back of the thighs.
-Keep the stomach in, chest forward,
spine stretched up and the neck straight.
-Balance the weight of the body on the heels and toes equally.
-Inhaling within 3 seconds stretch out one arm over the head, touching the arm with the ear and lengthen inner retention up to 6 seconds.
-Bring the hand down exhaling within 3 seconds, raise the other arm in the same way.
-After 10 times of practice raise both hands over the head together.
-Interlocking the fingers stretch the arms as much as you can.
-During this position do deep inhalation and exhalation till before getting tired.
-At the last come back in normal state slowly.
This pose bestows correct method of standing, sitting and walking without throwing the body weight only on the leg as someone stands with one leg turned completely side ways, bearing all the weight on the heels or on the inner or outer edges of the feet. This can be notice by watching where the soles and heel of the shoes wear out. Owing to our faulty method of standing, we acquire specific deformities which hamper spinal elasticity. Even if the feet are kept apart, it is better to keep the heel and toe in a line parallel to the median plane and not at an angle. By this method, the hips are contracted, the abdomen is pulled in and the chest is brought forward. One feels light in the body and the mind acquires agility. Otherwise, in top sided standing we feel the gravity changing; the hips become loose, the abdomen protrudes, the body hangs one side and the spine feels the strain and consequently we soon feel fatigued and the mind becomes dull. It is therefore, essential to be master over the art of standing correctly.