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Why Mokshadham ?

Mokshadham - In Indian religions Moksha or mukti means the final extrication of the soul or consciousness and bringing to the end of all suffering. In our day to day life we face many problems to mental, physical and emotional. We shall strive to solve those problems from the help of our tradition and ancestral knowledge of astrology, yoga, meditation spirituality etc. Yoga and Astrology both are ancient tradition which developed and flourished in ancient India. Both being relevant to the study of man and its various dimensions. The ultimate aim of above disciplines is total welfare. These ancient sciences have great potentials of helping the humanity at large as regards to the current problem of health and psychosocial crisis in the modern world. The purpose of the society to recognize and realize this inherent human potential. The ultimate aim is to safeguard “Arogya” which has been considered the basis of achieving the four primary instincts of life namely--- Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Yoga is essentially a branch of Ayurveda. Its main emphasis appears to be an achievement of Moksha that’s why its known Mokshashatra. It really uplifts the social, mental and spiritual status of humanity at large. Application of the science of yoga in the social and personal life of common man is most important, so it’s the central theme of Indian philosophy. Which can easily awaken the person from inside by self realization.
As yoga and meditation produces to people:-
  • Practice of yoga as anti-stress and anti anxiety measure.
  • Practice of yoga as a measure to prevent stress disorders and psychosomatic diseases.
  • Practice of yoga as a physical medicine.
  • Practice of yoga means to awaken power of person from internal body .
  • It mains object is spiritual development and moksha.
  • Practice of yoga means to achieve inner and outer balance and proper growth.
  • To achieve---Anand->Anti-anand->Parm-Anand (Moksha)->
    [ " state of bliss-->ecstasy-->beautitude(salvation)" ]
The time is now ripe to evaluate critically the potential of yoga and astrology for the modern world and to give proper direction to the study, practice, research, and development of both in this stage of science and technology. At last, it shows the way to Moksha (relief from all pains).

Aum shanti shanti shanti !!!